About us


Complete Custom Builds, Bolt on Accessories, Vehicle Prep, Aluminum Panels, CAD Design, Part Prototype and Production



In a driveway with a handful of tools, we had a goal in mind, design and build top notch builds and bolt on parts Here at Dirt Freeks we thrive on working around our customers needs, wants and imagination. Having outgrown our humble beginnings, we now offer the latest in CAD design and technology, laser cutting technology, welding, vehicle prep, and much more. We work and talk directly with customers, enthusiasts and racers to understand your needs as well as receive honest feedback about products in the marketplace. We don't pride ourselves on being the fastest shop to complete your car, but the LAST shop to touch your car. Whether its a part, build or consult, we thrive on the customers leaving and knowing they got the best advice, craftsmanship and experience offered in the industry. We also pride ourselves on all our parts made in the USA.


Established in 2006.